کنترل ولو سامسون آلمان

قیمت: تماس بگیرید
برند: SAMSON
مدل: 3277


اینسترو کنترل | واردات مستقیم و فروش رقابتی شیرهای کنترلی سامسون آلمان


The Type 3730-4 is a full feature Profibus PA enabled electro-pneumatic positioner designed to work in general industrial applications. This positioner can work inherently with single-acting linear and rotary control valves as well as double-acting linear and rotary control valves with the addition of a reversing amplifier.  The digital benefits of the Type 3730-4 provide self-calibration and automatic adaptions to the valve and actuator being controlled via 4 initialization methods.  This digital positioner has preset parameters such that only values deviating from the standard need to be adjusted. With 50+ parameters and 30+ error codes, the majority of critical settings and information can be communicated.  The HMI (human machine interface) of the single multi-turn push button and LC-display allow this communication of information to occur right at the unit. The potentiometer-based travel sensor of the Type 3730-4 is not susceptible to wear often found in gear-based travel sensors.  The travel range of the Type 3730-4 can be restricted up to 1/5 maximum stroke as well as operated in split range.